What’s the Difference between Chipping and Remapping?

Photo of a ModuleMap remapping device, compared to a photo of a Power Module performance chip

When your vehicle rolled off the factory floor, its performance was deliberately reduced to ensure it met product planning objectives, economy targets or efficiency demands. These reductions are not a mechanical factor, but are made by the software running the Engine Control Unit (ECU). While you are driving, the ECU continually runs algorithms which control every parameter, such as ignition timing, air/fuel ratio and boost pressure. Both chips and remaps alter the ECU algorithms, thereby increasing the performance and pulling power of your vehicle, reducing lag, and improving fuel economy.

It is important to know exactly what each option involves- especially since not all chips and remaps are equal. No doubt you’ve heard of the stigma surrounding engine chips? There are a huge variety of poorly manufactured engine chips out there that offer very little performance gain, and could potentially harm your vehicle. All the more reason why you should be aware of: the differences between chips and remaps, how they affect your warranty, and what is safe for your vehicle.

Depending on your vehicle’s requirements, Torqit has developed both a Power Module engine chip, and a ModuleMap remapping solution.

What Is ECU Remapping?

ECU Remapping involves rewriting or changing the manufacturer’s software inside the ECU. By rewriting the engine map, the specifically tailored software adjusts the power, torque and overall vehicle performance. An ECU Remap not only increases your factory standard performance output, it also takes into account all aftermarket modifications such as exhausts, tyres, fuel tanks and snorkels.

Wondering if you can remap your car yourself? The Torqit ModuleMap puts the power in your hands- the DIY unit plugs right into your OBD and can be fitted with the use of a computer/ laptop and a USB port in approximately 30 minutes- all from the comfort of your own home! The ModuleMap is live tuned by qualified vehicle software technicians with over 40 years experience in the EFI performance tuning industry.

After your ModuleMap has been remotely programmed, you will receive three different tunes- two enhanced modes and a standard mode

  • Cruise Mode: Improves vehicle performance for everyday driving
  • Sport Mode: Removes stress and increases performance for towing heavy loads
  • Standard Mode: Returns the vehicle to stock performance

Unlike a general remap at a tuning shop which is a permanent install, the ModuleMap tunes can be removed entirely, re-installed or adjusted at any time.

What Is Chipping?

Chip Tuning involves intercepting the data received and sent by the ECU, rather than altering the ECU itself. The Torqit Power Module chip plugs directly into the common rail fuel pressure sensor. By adjusting the vehicle’s fuel rail pressure, the Power Module alters the atomisation of each injector and hence the air to fuel ratio. This increased combustion makes the engine operate more efficiently.

Effectively, the Torqit Power Module measures the scope of the extra margin of fuel/boost pressure available, and requests the ECU to apply this ‘reserve’ when required, as well as how much is applied and where it is applied throughout the rev range. By adding torque lower down in the rev range the vehicle doesn’t have to work as hard as before. The energy output from each drop of fuel is maximised while unleashing the power and torque that was previously lost through the factory programming of the vehicles on board computer.

Remap Vs Chip Tuning

The ModuleMap and Power Module both feature vehicle-specific software, and are designed to provide significant increases in power, torque and overall performance. So what are their key differences?

Warranty for Remap Vs Chip Tuning

  • Remap (ModuleMap): A remap overwrites the ECU software. Even once returned to stock mode, the Torqit ModuleMap will leave a mark on the ECU, for which reason it may void the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Chip Tuning (Power Module): A Torqit Power Module does not void vehicle warranty- it is installed downstream of the engine’s Central Processing Unit (CPU), and therefore does not alter the parameters already imposed by the ECU. For this reason, it is often recommended for newer vehicles which are still under warranty.

Ideal Use for Remap Vs Chip Tuning

  • Remap (ModuleMap): A ModuleMap is suited to vehicles with increased weight from modifications and aftermarket accessories. It will provide an effective increase in performance during everyday driving, and is also ideal for providing extra power when towing, thereby removing stress on the vehicle.
  • Chip Tuning (Power Module): Adding additional weight through extra cargo or a trailer can place immense stress on a vehicle. A Power Module is a safe and simple solution to reducing this stress, by increasing the pulling power and providing a smoother driving experience. For the driver who is looking for a removable, plug and play increase in performance, plus increased fuel efficiency, the Power Module is ideal.

Safety Parameters for Remap Vs Chip Tuning

  • Remap (ModuleMap): The vehicle ECU is wiped during a Remap, including the safety parameters. This is where Torqit relies on our highly qualified tuners to consider every element of your vehicle, before writing a safely enhanced file which takes into account every detail. Torqit does not endorse pushing vehicle parameters to the max. With tuners that do, the vehicle components risk being overworked and burned out, leading to vehicle damage. The ModuleMap gives you significant yet safe performance gains, while maintaining the longevity of your vehicle’s parts.
  • Chip Tuning (Power Module): As the Torqit Power Module is installed downstream of the engines’ CPU, it leaves all factory error detection and operational systems intact and does not exceed the manufacturers safety limits. If in the unlikely situation these safety parameters are exceeded, the vehicle will simply enter limp mode- shutting down and keeping all vehicle components safe.

Permanent or Removable? Remap Vs Chip Tuning

  • Remap (ModuleMap):  The Torqit ModuleMap is a permanent install; however its interchangeable modes allow you to switch between cruise and sport, or remove the tune altogether by returning it to factory settings.
  • Chip Tuning (Power Module): A Power Module can be switched off and even disconnected completely. After removing the chip, it is impossible to detect there has been one on your vehicle as it is a residue-free upgrade.

Installation of Remap Vs Chip Tuning

  • Remap (ModuleMap): A ModuleMap install can be completed within 30 minutes from the comfort of your home, as long as you have access to a laptop/ computer with a USB Port. Unlike the usual Remap which involves a drive to the nearest tuning shop and the car out of action for a couple days, the ModuleMap is live tuned remotely by Torqit’s qualified software technicians. It utilises all factory plugs so no cutting or rewiring is required
  • Chip Tuning (Power Module): A Power Module is a ‘Plug and Play’ solution, plugging directly into the common rail. Once fitted, it automatically sets to the highest performance mode. To alter the tune and change it from a hardwired to a Bluetooth controlled module, all you have to do is download Torqit’s Connect app and follow the instructions. Install is quick and easy, with the majority of vehicles taking only 15 minutes.

How Much Does A Remap Cost?

When it comes to Remaps you usually get what you pay for, especially if you’re looking for a high performance tune that doesn’t potentially damage your car. Expect a price that reflects a reputable company, highly qualified calibration tuners, extensive R & D, and thorough testing. We’ve already touched on the risk of going with low quality alternatives that push a vehicle too far- it’s incredibly important to go with a trusted brand which is backed up by experience.

At $1890.00, the ModuleMap is in line with other premium remap pricing. However, this is where Torqit changes the game- you’re actually receiving 3 tunes for this price, instead of the usual one tune you get at a tuning shop. Why pay for fewer options? Explore what range we have available with our ModuleMap Vehicle Selector.

How Much Does A Performance Chip Cost?

There are so many low quality performance chips out there; it’s not hard to see why they’re often given a bad rap. Generically tuned chips and poor quality circuitry just doesn’t deliver the gains or performance you would receive with a Torqit Power Module engine chip. We know one size doesn’t fit all which is why our Power Modules are tuned specifically to your vehicle with the highest quality circuitry from Germany. Additionally, the Torqit chip offers 3 different modes, allowing you to change the vehicle response at the touch of a button via the Torqit app.

Priced at $1390.00, the Torqit Power Module experience doesn’t stop with the purchase. The Bluetooth capabilities of our engine chips allow us to offer after sale support where we can alter the tune and outcome you’re looking for, remotely. With $500 price difference to the Torqit ModuleMap, the Power Module is slightly cheaper- and also guarantees your warranty remains intact. In the higher price range than most engine chips on the market, Torqit’s price is reflected in a high quality product with remarkable performance gains and fuel savings, all while remaining within the safe vehicle parameters so your vehicle stays safe and roadworthy. The Power Module is also backed by a 30 day money back guarantee and 5 year warranty. Check out our vehicle selector to see what we have available for your engine.

Is Remapping Your Car Safe?

Have you heard of the term ‘cowboy tuners’? It refers to workshops which offer a remap that pushes your vehicle to the limits on every parameter. This leaves you at risk of damaging your vehicle, and with your warranty voided, you may be out of pocket thousands of dollars.
The Torqit ModuleMap is live tuned by highly qualified vehicle software technicians. Before writing your new tune, they do an in-depth read of the vehicle and gather all details such as tyre size, transmission, motor, fuel-system, exhaust, kilometres, and much more. The gear box and clutch rating will be considered, and an upgrade will be recommended depending on vehicle use and weight. The age, kilometres and maintenance of a vehicle will all affect the outcome of remap, which is why we highly recommend a vehicle health check beforehand. Every element of your vehicle is taken into account before writing a safely enhanced file that is 100% customized, and does not compromise the vehicles reliability.
Torqit provides clear and precise fitting instructions to address all potential issues that could arise when tuning your vehicle. It is important to connect your Torqit battery stabiliser to your vehicle anytime the ModuleMap is being used to prevent any risks.

Are Tuning Chips Safe?

Concerned the Torqit Power Module will damage your vehicle?

The ECU of your vehicle controls the upper and lower fuel pressure parameters, and is designed to prevent any catastrophic engine damage. The Torqit Power Module is installed downstream of the engine’s ECU, which leaves all factory error detection and operational safety systems intact. As a module cannot physically alter the parameters outside the limits already imposed by the ECU, we can guarantee our Torqit modules are tuned within the safety parameters of your vehicle and your warranty will still be intact.

The role of our module is to simply exploit any extra power available in the ECU and control the fuel pressure so it maintains a constant, higher level. Rest assured your common rail, injectors, fuel pumps and engine components are all in safe hands- the Torqit engine chip does not override or alter your vehicle’s existing safety features.

Can You Remap Any Car?

The ModuleMap is suited to both petrol and diesel vehicles. Torqit has completed remaps on a whole range of vehicles with incredible results- every customer has noticed a huge difference in the way their vehicle drives.
Once installed, the ModuleMap is locked to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This means the ModuleMap stays with the vehicle if you sell it, so the new owner can alter the tune as required. It must also be noted that Torqit does not provide a remap for supporting illegal modifications or interfering with emission controls.

Does A Remap Void Warranty?

A Remap directly modifies and overwrites the ECU, so just like the ModuleMap; it will leave a traceable mark which may void the manufacturer’s warranty. This is why Torqit recommends a Power Module for newer vehicles, so the vehicle warranty remains intact.

Are Performance Chips Bad For Your Car?

Torqit engine chips cannot harm a vehicles ECU as they always operate inside the factory parameters. In fact, the lifespan of your vehicle may improve. With a Torqit Power Module adding torque lower down in the rev range, the vehicle does not have to work as hard as before. Effectively, the engine will operate more efficiently, the vehicle transmission/ gearbox will be able to perform tasks in higher gears/ speeds than before due to increased output, and depending on the mode, the vehicle should see an increase in fuel economy. On average, customers see a 5% improvement in fuel economy, with some experiencing an improvement as high as 20%.


Let’s face it, a stock standard vehicle will get you from A to B but installing a performance chip or remapping your vehicle will get you there faster, with more power, and with less strain on the vehicle. Whether you’re looking for that ‘plug and play’ boost in performance or wanting a more permanent upgrade, Torqit knows we can revolutionise the way your vehicle performs, and without compromising on its reliability or safety.

In weighing up whether a remap or chip is right option for you, take a minute to ask yourself a couple of questions… what does your vehicle need? How do you feel about vehicle warranty? Are you looking to install further modifications and power upgrades on your vehicle? If you need further assistance to answer these questions, click here to chat with one of the team. We want you to drive, tow and go off-road with total peace of mind that your vehicle is up to the task.

Explore our Power Module and ModuleMap range further, with the aid of our vehicle selector.