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78 Series Remapped using ModuleMap

This Toyota 78 Series Troop Carrier was completely rebuilt. After the build it had a lot more weight and it was seriously lacking power. We did a full remap using our newest release; the ModuleMap. The ModuelMap is a powerful remote remapping tool. It stores three remapped files; standard, cruise and sport mode. Each tune increases in power and performance. We saw a 34% increase in power and a 73% increase in torque.

Complete Ranger Build

Do you want more from your dual cab? Want to tackle the toughest terrain, drive the most pristine beaches and still daily drive your ute? Well this is for you! Over a few weeks, Sam and James from Sparesbox transformed a stock standard PXIII Ford Ranger into an absolute weapon using a wide range of after market accessories including Torqit’s full performance package. This rig has a 3” DPF back performance exhaust, Power Module and Pedal Torq.

79 Series Exhaust Reviewed by Patriot

Get up close and personal with Justin from Patriot as he explains how we revolutionised the custom exhaust market with our premium, high quality Performance Exhaust systems. We have teamed up with the crew from Patriot on their PCOR builds. Quality and service go hand in hand with our dynamic duo!

Toyota 150 Series Prado gets a Torqit Upgrade

A few years ago we purchased a Prado, the moment it rolled into our driveway we got it into the workshop to begin it’s facelift. The vehicle drove surprisingly well standard, so we were only expecting a slight improvement – oh were we wrong. The full performance package of an exhaust, Power Module and Pedal Torq transformed this cruisy Prado into a real weapon on and off road.

Trio of Torqit Mods

For the driver that wants the ultimate performance upgrade, the Torqit Full Performance Package brings together three of their most powerful parts in a single, transformative set. Specifically designed to overhaul the performance of your Prado 95 Series PCR 3.0L TD Wagon, this trio of Torqit modifications includes a Torqit Power Module, a Torqit Pedal Torq, and a Torqit Performance Exhaust, allowing you to upgrade your vehicle easily and see significant results

Cruiser with a JMACX Coil Conversion

Rob Morris from Ram Diesel Fitting Secret Hideout and Jason from JMACX take a look at a freshly fitted Torqit Performance Exhaust on this cruiser. All JMACX coil and chassis conversions are made to suit our premium 304 grade stainless steel Performance Exhaust systems.

Lightweight 79 Series by Ronny Dahl

We teamed up with Ronny Dahl to help him complete the light weight setup for his new 79 series cruiser. We worked closely with Ronny to create the perfect exhaust for his rig! We saw a few challenges with this exhaust build due to trying to make modifications from a distance (in different states), however persistence prevailed and we completed a unique exhaust for his new cruiser build.

DPF Vs Pre DPF Exhaust Notes

The crew at BAW Automotive have completed what we all wanted to hear – a comparison between a standard and modified 79 Series with a DPF and a modified 79 Series with a DPF. This is one video you don’t want to miss! Check out the sound difference between standard and modified, you’ll understand exactly why a new Torqit exhaust is a must for any 4WD.

The Difference Between a Cheap & Quality Exhaust

The type of stainless steel and it’s thickness will change the sound you receive from an exhaust system. There is no doubt all aftermarket exhaust systems will change the note from your rig, but do you really want to be traveling around town with a high pitched tinny exhaust system? Our exhaust systems use premium stainless steel and are one of the thickest systems in Australia.

Is your Rig Sluggish? You Need the Pedal Torq Plus

Basically every vehicle, whether it is a 4WD or a sedan, has an accelerator delay. The Pedal Torq Plus removes this delay and gives you instant response the second you hit your accelerator pedal. It will feel like you are driving a completely different vehicle once you fit a Pedal Torq Plus. This unit can be fitted to almost any vehicle after 2005.

Power at the Touch of a Button

Get ready to unleash the power and performance of your vehicle at the touch of a button. Our Power Module engine chip will significantly improve the overall performance of your vehicle; towing is easy with this one simple plug and play product. Many customers mention they see a reduction in fuel usage once they install their Power Module.

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