Towing A Caravan

Even after upgrading your 4×4 with the best gear on the market, a common frustration among off roaders is a rig that doesn’t quite perform to the level you were expecting.

Without the right amount of power, performance and response, as soon as you reach your first steep incline you feel the lag, add a packed rig and a trailer to the equation and your 4×4 is screaming at you to stop. With a few simple upgrades your 4×4 can be cruising through any terrain.

More Power

As soon as you hook up the trailer, boat or caravan you will instantly lose power and increase fuel consumption. Simply by plugging a Torqit performance module into your rail (depending on your vehicle) you can instantly enhance power and fuel efficiency. The refined design maximises energy output from each drop of fuel, leaving you to enjoy the open road or the dirt tracks without a screaming engine.

Better Performance

There is nothing worse than having an impressive fourby that sounds as good as a lawn mower. With new vehicles being fitted with DPF back systems it is near impossible to get a nice note out of later model 4×4. Torqit have developed a unique design that will make your DPF back system sound like it has real grunt. The full mandrel bent system uses the highest grade stainless steel (for any decent system it is a must) to maximises power and torque. The muffler has been packed with fibreglass; designed to absorb cabin drone, protecting the system from vibration.

Increased Response

To increase take off response, or riding the clutch to get through hill climbs, consider the Pedal Torq. It gives you instant response as soon as your foot hits the accelerator. The pedal torq comes in two options; a hard wire unit, with the controller sitting on your dash or a wireless Bluetooth unit, with your smartphone acting as the controller. Both have customizable settings allowing you to finely tune your vehicles accelerator to your driving preferences.