Power Module: 4WD Performance Chip for 78 Series 4.5L Landcruiser


Toyota Landcruiser Power Module

The Toyota 78 Series 4.5L Landcruiser Torqit Power Module Plus unleashes the power, torque and fuel efficiency that is lost through factory programming of your vehicle’s on-board computer.

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Torqit Power Module Plus For Toyota Landcruiser 78 Series 4.5L: 03/2007 – 07/2016

Performance Gain: 41KW / 104NM

The 78 Series 4.5L, Landcruiser Power Module is a 4WD performance chip that safely unleashes power, torque and fuel efficiency lost through factory programming in your vehicle’s onboard computer.

The Torqit Power Module uses less fuel, yet creates more power by maximising the energy output from each drop.

The Power Module alters your air to fuel ratio for a more optimum mixture, increasing power and torque for maximum performance. You’ll notice the pulling power instantly, enjoying a far smoother driving experience.

No matter what you’re towing, the Torqit Power Module ensures you get the most life possible out of your vehicle’s engine. It does this by reducing the wear and tear caused by the extra stress on the vehicle from the increased weight of towing heavy loads, whether a boat, trailer or caravan.

The Power Module Plus is Australia’s first Bluetooth active diesel performance module. This means that once installed you can easily configure your vehicle tune through a smartphone app. The Torqit app allows you to control the power of your engine at the touch of a button for either fuel economy, maximum performance or standard settings without disconnecting the device. Torqit is also able to provide ongoing fine-tuning and upgrading of the software remotely, ensuring you’re always kept on the cutting edge of high-performance offroad driving.


The Torqit Power Module can be installed in most petrol and diesel vehicles. The unit is fitted between two plugs in your vehicle’s fuel operating system, with the simple set up process taking just 15 minutes.

Key Features

  • 5-year product warranty (Our warranty also covers your vehicle for the life of the New Vehicle Warranty*)
  • Fuel-saving capabilities
  • Greater power, torque and drivability
  • Safe, vehicle-specific software
  • Tune the vehicle’s engine remotely
  • Eases the towing of caravans, boats, trailers and horse floats
  • Rigorously tested for Australian conditions
  • Circuitry manufactured in Germany
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78 Series 4.5L


03/2007 – 07/2016



The Power Module has three settings that can alter the power, torque and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. When the Power Module is installed on your vehicle, it is automatically set to Sport Mode which is the highest performance mode on the unit. To change this, simply download the Torqit Connect App.

Here is a brief overview of the modes and their uses;

Economy: This setting will run your vehicle lean, it will reduce your power but increase your fuel efficiency. You will reap benefits from this setting when you are travelling in the top gear of your vehicle at they same speed for a long distance. Your vehicle doesn’t need extra power to cruise along. It is great for long haul trips.

Cruise: This setting will increase the performance of your vehicle. The increase in power is added at a higher spot in your rev range compared to Sport mode. This setting is ideal when towing a heavy load as it provides you with the extra power you need when approaching an incline or when you are overtaking at speed.

Sport: This setting is the highest available on the Power Module. You will notice that your vehicle is quicker off the mark and has a lot more grunt. Power is placed lower in the rev range, so your vehicle will feel more aggressive. This instant power isn’t ideal for towing as it can become very jerky, however it is perfect for everyday driving.