Pedal Torq Plus: Throttle Controller for 79 Series 4.5L Dual Cab


Toyota Landcruiser Pedal Torq Plus

Get more power faster with a wireless throttle controller that eliminates engine lag. The Pedal Torq Plus improves your Toyota 79 Series 4.5L Dual Cab Landcruiser accelerator response via Bluetooth technology, making for smoother gear changes and quicker overtakes.

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Pedal Torq Plus for Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series 4.5L Dual Cab: 08/2016…

A refined version of the Pedal Torq, this completely wireless throttle controller improves throttle response by modifying the signal sent to your Landcruiser’s ECU. Controlled via Bluetooth with our Torqit Connect app, its adjustable settings allow you to fine-tune the 79 Series 4.5L Dual Cab, Landcruiser accelerator to match your driving preferences.

Does your vehicle feel slow and sluggish when towing or carrying heavy roads? The Pedal Torq Plus will give you total control over the accelerator, eliminate throttle lag, and reduce engine strain. Ideal for heavy vehicles with upgrades, towing, and standard vehicles experiencing lag, the Pedal Torq Plus creates a smoother driving experience and helps you optimise your vehicle’s response straight off the mark.

Providing you with seven different driving profiles to complement any driving style and terrain, the Pedal Torq Plus is the ultimate set and forget unit. Not only does it transform your vehicles response when towing and on-road, it also improves traction in any off-road situation, whether on sand, soft dirt, rocks, or mud. With adjustable settings in each mode, you have total control over the level of throttle response required for your driving style and terrain.

As the first Bluetooth throttle controller in Australia, the Pedal Torq Plus is wirelessly operated via the Torqit Connect App. Designed in Australia and manufactured in Germany; the Torqit App provides ongoing updates to guarantee your vehicle is always fitted with the most recent technology.

For more details regarding the various driving modes, click the instructions tab.


Fitting your Pedal Torq Plus is a simple plug and play process which takes less than 60 seconds. After downloading the Torqit Connect App, detach your accelerator’s factory plug and install the new harness. Once you have added your device to the Torqit App, you can begin to wirelessly adjust the settings.


  • Eliminate throttle lag and sluggish behaviour
  • Ideal for towing and vehicles with excess weight
  • Includes seven driving profiles with adjustable settings
  • Wireless control with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Does not impact the appearance of your dash
  • Continually updated with the latest technology via the Torqit Connect App
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Appropriate for petrol and diesel vehicles
  • Suitable for almost any vehicle manufactured after 2005
  • 5 year product warranty
  • 30 day money back guarantee
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79 Series 4.5L Dual Cab





The Pedal Torq Plus includes seven different driving profiles that provide the optimum throttle response for any scenario. A brief overview of each setting and its best application:

Sand Mode: Ideal for traversing loose surfaces such as sand. This mode significantly reduces your accelerator response to help gain traction.

4WD Mode: Perfect for off-roading, 4WD Mode decreases your accelerator response and provides more traction and control when navigating rocks, steep inclines/ declines and ruts.

Economy Mode: In this setting you will notice a gentle increase in your accelerator response. This setting is designed to improve fuel efficiency on long-haul trips when you are traveling at a constant speed. Please note, we cannot guarantee improved fuel efficiency as every vehicle is different and each person has a different driving style.

Cruise Mode: Designed for everyday driving, cruise mode provides a discernible increase in response. After pressing the accelerator, you will feel the instant reaction from your vehicle.

Sport, Sport + and Max Mode: The higher settings on your Pedal Torq Plus have been designed to increase throttle response to assist when towing heaving loads. These settings can be used for everyday driving; however, the responsiveness may be too aggressive for your vehicle.

Lock Mode: Once activated, the lock setting immobilises your vehicle’s accelerator. This guards against theft as your vehicle cannot move until the setting is disabled.

The settings of each driving profile can be increased or decreased using the Plus and Minus buttons. We recommend adjusting these settings until you find the perfect response to suit your driving style.


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