Pedal Torq Plus: Throttle Controller for 79 Series 4.5L Dual Cab


Toyota Landcruiser Pedal Torq Plus

Get more power faster with a wireless throttle controller that eliminates engine lag. The Pedal Torq Plus improves your Toyota 79 Series 4.5L Dual Cab Landcruiser accelerator response via Bluetooth technology, making for smoother gear changes and quicker overtakes.

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Pedal Torq Plus for Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series 4.5L Dual Cab: 08/2016…

A refined version of the Pedal Torq, this completely wireless throttle controller improves throttle response by modifying the signal sent to your Landcruiser’s ECU. Controlled via Bluetooth with our Torqit Connect app, its adjustable settings allow you to fine-tune the 79 Series 4.5L Dual Cab, Landcruiser accelerator to match your driving preferences.

The Pedal Torq Plus is the smart solution to sluggish behaviour. Perfect for towing, heavy vehicles with excess loads and standard vehicles experiencing engine lags, this wireless throttle controller eliminates delays in acceleration.

With three modes that complement any driving style and condition, the Pedal Torq Plus is perfect for anyone wanting a set and forget unit for both on-roading and off-roading. You’ll feel as though your vehicle has had a full power upgrade.

Designed in Australia and manufactured in Germany, this throttle controller operates via wireless bluetooth technology. The only unit of its kind to allow drivers to unleash the engine’s full potential, the Pedal Torq Plus includes Bluetooth automation. Through the Torqit Connect app, immediate updates guarantee that your vehicle is always fitted with the latest technology.


Fitting your Pedal Torq Plus is easy, taking less than one minute. After downloading the Torqit Connect App, simply detach your accelerator’s factory plug and install the new harness. The final step is to add your device in the app, which will serve as its control centre. Now, you can adjust the settings of your throttle controller without the wires.


  • 5 year product warranty.
  • Wireless control with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Does not impact the appearance of your dash.
  • Three settings ideal for all driving conditions.
  • Always updated with the latest technology.
  • Removes sluggish behaviour for easy towing.
  • Install in one minute.
  • Appropriate for petrol and diesel vehicles.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
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79 Series 4.5L Dual Cab





A Pedal Torq Plus has three ideal settings. Below is a brief overview of the settings and their ideal uses.

Economy: In this setting you will notice a gentle increase in your accelerator response. This setting is designed for off road driving, or when you need only a slight increase in throttle response.

Cruise: This setting is ideal for everyday driving of your vehicle. You will feel a noticeable increase in your accelerator response. You will have an instant reaction after pressing your accelerator.

Sport: The highest setting on your Pedal Torq Plus has been designed to increase throttle response to assist when towing heavy loads. This setting can be used for everyday driving if you like an extremely responsive accelerator.