3″ DPF Back Exhaust: Performance Exhaust for 2.8L Hilux


Toyota Hilux 3″ DPF Back Exhaust

Torqit’s high-performance Toyota Hilux 3″ DPF Back Exhaust provides maximum power, torque and fuel efficiency.

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3″ DPF Back Exhaust for Toyota 2.8L Hilux: 07/2015 – 07/2020

Performance Gain: 9KW / 13NM

Perfect for towing and touring, Torqit’s 3″ DPF Back Hilux 2.8L Performance Exhaust is expertly designed and manufactured for maximum power and torque. With one of the thickest and most durable mandrel bent systems in Australia, the 304 grade, brushed stainless steel produces a great note and guarantees extreme strength across all terrains.

This 3″ DPF Back Hilux Exhaust system comes with the option of resonator or muffler. The muffler is ideal for reducing the noise output whilst still creating power, whereas the resonator option enhances the sound output to a deeper note without drone.

To adhere to Australian regulations, most late model 4WD’s are fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to stop the release of toxic emissions. To overcome the reductions in power and note that result from this restricted exhaust flow, some drivers delete their DPF. This illegal act voids warranty and insurance, and renders your vehicle unroadworthy which puts you at fault in the event of an accident. In combating DPF issues and providing a safe, legal and powerful upgrade, Torqit has developed our DPF Back Exhaust so that it improves the flow of exhaust gases, lowers the exhaust gas temperatures (EGT’s), creates a deep note, and provides power gains and an improved fuel economy.

As this 3″ Hilux Exhaust bolts onto the back of the DPF, your vehicle warranty remains intact, and the vehicle complies with all regulation and insurance requirements.


Thick Stainless Steel

All Torqit exhausts have a thickness up to 2mm. This thickness produces a deeper note without cabin drone. Torqit exhaust systems are one of the thickest mandrel bent exhausts in Australia. Due to the thickness, it is extremely difficult to crack, so you can go off road with peace of mind that your system will stay intact.

304 Grade Stainless Steel

304 grade stainless steel is the highest quality material used for exhaust systems. The premium steel is more resistant to rusting and is much stronger than 409 grade stainless. Our high quality steel produces a deep note and guarantees extreme strength even in the toughest terrain.

Internal & External Welds

All Torqit Performance Exhausts have internal and external welds to increase the strength of the exhaust system. The reinforced system makes it extremely difficult to crack, even in tough off-road applications.

Mandrel Bent System

Mandrel bending supports the exhaust pipe from the inside as it is bent, this prevents crinkling of the pipe. The results are smooth and constant-diameter bends that reduce restriction and improve both the performance and efficiency of your engine.


This 3″ Hilux Exhaust is a full bolt together system, which does not require a hoist for fitment. It comes with detailed fitting instructions for simple installation, which can be completed on your driveway within approximately 1 hour.


  • 10 year warranty on stainless steel systems.
  • Bolt together installation.
  • Deeper note without the cabin drone.
  • Mandrel bent system.
  • Thick brushed stainless steel tube.
  • Premium 304 grade stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel flanges.
  • 10mm laser cut flanges welded internally and externally
  • Heavy duty wrap around brackets.
  • Stainless steel barrels in every system.

* Please note that any aftermarket accessories, including long-range fuel tanks and suspension upgrades, must be considered before ordering a Torqit exhaust. Please contact our head office to arrange a solution for your vehicle.

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07/2015 – 07/2020