3.5″ Full Performance Package (Turbo): Bundle for 76 Series 4.5L Landcruiser


Toyota Landcruiser Full Performance Package (Turbo)

The Full Performance Package from Torqit contains all of the 4WD performance upgrades your Toyota 76 Series 4.5L Landcruiser needs, including the Pedal Torq, Power Module and 3.5″ Performance Exhaust.

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3.5″ Full Performance Package (Turbo) for Toyota 76 Series 4.5L Landcruiser

Performance Gain: 56KW / 183NM

With a performance package from Torqit, you can improve your Landcruiser’s responsiveness, power, torque, fuel efficiency and note – all at once. Included products are specifically designed to complement each other for maximum results.

Give your vehicle the ultimate upgrade with an all-in-one performance package from Torqit. Every Torqit product is designed and manufactured to function with the rest of the range, targeting the key issues of 4WD vehicles. If you address all of these problem areas simultaneously, your vehicle will become significantly more powerful in an instant.

Our three-step process focuses on the most integral aspects of vehicle performance, utilising the Pedal Torq, Power Module, and Performance Exhaust. This comprehensive package gives greater power, torque, response and overall drivability.

Pedal Torq – Eliminates sluggishness with enhanced acceleration.

Power Module – Significantly increases power and towing capacity.

Performance Exhaust – Increases fuel efficiency while creating a deep note.

The Pedal Torq

Torqit offers two throttle controllers: a dash mount module and a wireless module. Both units serve the same overall purpose, eliminating sluggish behaviour and throttle lag to enhance accelerator response.

The Pedal Torq is Torqit’s original throttle controller, mounting to your dash for convenient control. It has five driving modes and 30 settings, giving you unparalleled flexibility to fine tune the accelerator to match your personal driving preferences.

The Pedal Torq Plus is a wireless unit that pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth, giving you control in the palm of your hand. Its Bluetooth automation makes for instant updates, guaranteeing that your vehicle is always fitted with the latest technology. With three modes to choose from, this throttle controller is suited to any driving condition.

The Power Module

Ideal for towing and off-roading, the Power Module safely releases power, torque and fuel efficiency lost through factory programming in the on-board computer. This 4WD performance chip improves the engine’s air to fuel ratio, maximising the energy output from your fuel.

A compact unit that can be hardwired or controlled via Bluetooth, it automatically configures to the optimal performance mode. If you wish to modify the tune manually, download the Torqit Connect app and scan the barcode on the back of the Power Module. This will enable you to remotely tune the engine according to your driving style. Choose from three settings, which increase in power and torque: Economy, Cruise and Sport.

The Performance Exhaust

The Torqit Performance Exhausts is one of Australia’s thickest mandrel bent systems. This thickness, along with a high grade stainless steel, creates a deep note and ensures extreme strength.

Each and every one of our exhaust systems has been expertly designed to maximize power and torque. The exceptional quality is showcased by heavy duty bracketry, internal and external welding on all flanges and the 3-inch braided stainless steel flex bellow.

Performance Exhaust Features

  • 10 year warranty.
  • Thick stainless steel.
  • Premium 304 grade stainless steel.
  • Internal and external welding on all flanges.
  • Heavy duty wrap around brackets.
  • 2 & 3 bolt 10mm laser cut flanges.
  • 3” double braided stainless steel flex bellow.
  • Twin designed pyrometer fitting to suit EGT/AFR fittings.
  • High flow diesel spec metallic CAT.
  • Mandrel bent exhaust system*
  • Stainless steel barrels in all systems
  • Stainless/titanium coated dump pipes on turbo back systems
Weight 40 kg





76 Series 4.5L


03/2007 – 07/2016



Pedal Torq

The Pedal Torq Plus has three main performance modes, each with adjustable settings. Further to the performance modes, the Pedal Torq has additional modes. Below is a brief overview of the modes and their uses.

Performance Modes

Eco Mode: In the lowest setting on your Pedal Torq you will feel a gentle increase in throttle response. We suggest you use this mode when driving off road or when you need more control over your accelerator response

Cruise Mode: This is the middle mode on the Pedal Torq. This mode is ideal for everyday driving of your vehicle. You will feel a significant increase in throttle response.

Sport Mode: The highest setting on your Pedal Torq has been designed to increase throttle response to assist when towing heavy loads. For a standard vehicle, this mode may be too responsive for every day driving.

On each of these modes, we suggest that you use the Plus and Minus buttons to increase or decrease the settings in the selected mode. We recommend that you adjust these settings until you find the ultimate response for you. Alternative, you can use Intelligent Mode to find your ideal accelerator response.

Off Road Mode: You should use this mode when you are off roading. This setting decreases your accelerator response, giving you more traction in sand, on rocks and in ruts.

Intelligent Mode: An extremely smart function that learns your driving style. This mode will give you the perfect amount of response when you need it. This mode can also be used to fix an uneven idling.

Anti Theft Mode: By activating this mode you can immbolise the vehicles accelerator. The vehicle is unable to move until this mode is deactivated.

Pedal Torq Plus

A Pedal Torq Plus has three ideal settings. Below is a brief overview of the settings and their ideal uses.

Economy: In this setting you will notice a gentle increase in your accelerator response. This setting is designed for off road driving, or when you need only a slight increase in throttle response.

Cruise: This setting is ideal for everyday driving of your vehicle. You will feel a noticeable increase in your accelerator response. You will have an instant reaction after pressing your accelerator.

Sport: The highest setting on your Pedal Torq Plus has been designed to increase throttle response to assist when towing heavy loads. This setting can be used for everyday driving if you like an extremely responsive accelerator.

Power Module

The Power Module has three settings that can alter the power, torque and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. When the Power Module is installed on your vehicle, it is automatically set to Sport Mode which is the highest performance mode on the unit. To change this, simply download the Torqit Connect App.

Here is a brief overview of the modes and their uses;

Economy: This setting will run your vehicle lean, it will reduce your power but increase your fuel efficiency. You will reap benefits from this setting when you are travelling in the top gear of your vehicle at they same speed for a long distance. Your vehicle doesn’t need extra power to cruise along. It is great for long haul trips.

Cruise: This setting will increase the performance of your vehicle. The increase in power is added at a higher spot in your rev range compared to Sport mode. This setting is ideal when towing a heavy load as it provides you with the extra power you need when approaching an incline or when you are overtaking at speed.

Sport: This setting is the highest available on the Power Module. You will notice that your vehicle is quicker off the mark and has a lot more grunt. Power is placed lower in the rev range, so your vehicle will feel more aggressive. This instant power isn’t ideal for towing as it can become very jerky, however it is perfect for everyday driving.