Throttle Controllers

Our throttle controllers eliminate engine lag when accelerating, giving you more power faster.

A Pedal Torq improves your accelerator response when taking off from a stationary position, assists with overtaking and provides smoother gear changes

Our throttle controllers make for improved throttle response by adjusting the signal sent to your vehicle’s ECU. There are two units available: Pedal Torq and Pedal Torq Plus. Both have customisable settings that give you the ability to finely tune your vehicle’s accelerator to suit your personal driving preferences.

The compact Pedal Torq unit is fixed to your dash, allowing easy access to adjustable settings. Alternatively, the Pedal Torq Plus offers wireless Bluetooth controls and the latest technological updates via our Torqit Connect App. Let’s go faster, quicker.

Up Your Speed & Sharpness

Time for a throttle controller

If your vehicle feels sluggish, then this is the product for you.

Torqit throttle controllers are ideal for towing and heavy vehicles. Both the Pedal Torq and Pedal Torq Plus remove any delay in acceleration. As you can alter the accelerator response, it is also excellent for offroading. Anyone who owns a 4WD should have a Torqit throttle controller fitted to their vehicle.

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Upgrade To The Real Deal

Pedal Torq Plus

A refined version of the Pedal Torq, this completely wireless throttle control unit has six modes that are perfect for any terrain and driving condition

Operating via the Torqit Connect app, Pedal Torq Plus is ideal if you want a set and forget unit for any driving terrain, both on road and off road. Included in the driving modes are two off road specific settings that will give you more control when four wheel driving. The new Bluetooth technology utilized in this unit is the only one of its kind that permits a driver to access the engine’s full potential wirelessly. The Bluetooth automation allows for instant updates, ensuring the most recent technology is always fitted to your vehicle. Designed in Australia and manufactured in Germany, the Pedal Torq Plus is the highest quality throttle controller available on the market.

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What is throttle lag?

Most vehicles utilize a ‘drive-by-wire’ control system for the accelerator. This means that when pressure is applied to the accelerator pedal, it is measured by a sensor which sends the signal to the engine, opening the throttle. The time taken to achieve this is the lag you feel when you accelerate.

Throttle lag fixed

The Pedal Torq sits between the sensor and the ECU, intercepting the signal to shorten and improve the response time. The Pedal Torq reduces the amount of pedal pressure required to achieve ‘wide open throttle’, allowing the driver to access the engine’s full potential.

Real life scenario

You’re first in the que at the traffic lights and you accelerate when you see the green light but nothing happens for a second or two, this delayed throttle response is what is referred to as throttle lag. A Torqit Pedal Torq removes this lag, so the second you accelerate you are beginning to gain momentum.

Easy Installation

Both the Pedal Torq and Pedal Torq Plus units connect to the accelerator pedal. Installation is as simple as unplugging the current accelerator and connecting the Pedal Torq plugs – there is no cutting or rewiring is necessary. The Pedal Torq can be fitted to both diesel and petrol vehicles with installation complete in only a few minutes. Installing your Pedal Torq Plus is simple and takes less than 60 seconds. Download the Torqit App, remove the factory plug from the accelerator and install the new harness. Then simply add the device in the Torqit app and you’re ready to roll.

Pedal Torq Plus Review - Off Road Adventure Show

Rick O'Brien reviews the new Pedal Torq Plus module (Season 4, Episode 9)

Pedal Torq Plus Review - Off Road Adventure Show

Rick O'Brien reviews the new Pedal Torq Plus module (Season 4, Episode 9)

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