FAQ -  General Information

There is no factory perfect setting for any driving situation, the program selected is all personal choice. Generally “sport” or “sport+” programs are more suited to towing and highway driving as these both give a stronger throttle response that work well with overtaking and heavy load applications.
The different programs adjust how aggressively the engine responds to throttle application. The “Eco/City”(green program light) mode is the mildest increase, “Sport” (amber program light) is as the name implies a sporty level of responsiveness and “Sport+” offers the biggest increase in engine response. All Programs are designed to almost completely eliminate the lag experienced in modern “fly by wire” accelerator systems.
The + and – minus buttons make small incremental adjustments to the aggressiveness of each program. For example Sport (amber program light) and 1 Green light (Plus 1) means that the Sport program is activated with 1 step up in aggressiveness. Note it is not necessary to have the green or red lights between the + and – buttons illuminated.
This just means that the standard or middle setting of each program is activated.
Contact Torqit technical on 1300 992 195 as there could be many reasons why this has occurred. It is worth noting though that if the vehicle has been performing correctly with the module connected it is unlikely that the module is a fault.

Performance modules rarely are the cause of limp mode being actuated; however they can sometimes highlight underlying problems that exist on the vehicle that in “standard” operation were still within factory acceptable levels.
Firstly, contact Torqit technical on 1300 992 195. However the most common reason for the engine light to come on after installing a module is failure to allow the vehicles’ CPU to fully shut down. It is important to follow the fitting instructions carefully and ensure that the vehicle has completely switched off. This usually takes about 4-5 minutes after the key is removed from the ignition.

What has happened is that the ECU has detected that a circuit has been broken and it considers this as a fault and will illuminate the engine fault lamp. This will commonly go out after 30 minutes of driving. If light continues to stay on please contact Torqit technical on 1300 992 195 for further assistance.
Yes all torqit modules can be adjusted, but it is best only to make adjustments in consultation with torqit technical dept. Torqit modules come pre-set to offer excellent all round power delivery and unless you are seeking certain specific power characteristics adjustment will not be necessary.
All Torqit modules are very robust, however no manufacturer can claim anything to be 100% waterproof. Torqit modules will endure most conditions you may put your vehicle through.
Torqit do advise inspection of module after doing multiple water crossings. Also it is best to remove module from engine bay when washing engine/engine bay to prevent any possible water damage.
This depends on which Torqit module you vehicle requires but generally only 5-10 minutes. All torqit modules come with detailed fitting instructions to guide you through step by step installation and if you do have difficulties the Torqit help desk I only a phone call away. 1300 992 195
No, Torqit modules always operate inside standard factory parameters.
The Torqit module is installed downstream of the engines CPU, this leaves all factory error detection and operational safety systems intact.
Torqit modules cannot harm the vehicles ECU as it is engineered in such a way that there can never be any danger to your engine.
Yes, that is how a common rail system works. The factory system changes fuel rail pressures according to engine rpm and load and we just work with the existing factory system.
Throughout the operating range of the engine the will CPU alter the pressure higher or lower within standard factory parameters.
The most important thing to know is that even at the highest engine RPM/load point, the Torqit module is programmed never to exceed standard factory parameters so peak rail pressure is always below the maximum safe level.
This is a compact interactive computer that helps exploit the full potential of modern Common Rail diesel engines.
Individual programming enables this simple to fit device to increase power and torque by up to 35%.
Torqit CR modules alter fuel pressure and air characteristics to create smooth and safe power gains.
TorqitTorqit have just released a power module that transforms your new RG Colorado , as described by a very happy customer no chip no Colorado – the power is awesome and my fuel economy increased .
The module increases your power and torque right thru the range , and makes your towing and drivability unbelievable. This unit is a simple plug in unit
No, because during the development of engines, the vehicle manufacturers allow for power reserves which we use with the torqit Module. All the engines sensors and the cars computer have been left completely untouched. If the car detects that pressures (Fuel or boost) are too high, then the cars computer will turn them down.
For every kind of engine tuning we recommend to keep servicing up to date, oil changes, transmission, timing belts etc.
Can you detect the torqit module after it’s removed?
No, after you remove the torqit module it is not possible to tell that there was one on the vehicle. Different form the normal Chip tuning where the original vehicle software is manipulated (OBD-Tuning) ECU Chip is a residue-free upgradeable.
No, no increase in carbon foot print will accrue due to the use of a torqit module.
If you drive the vehicle the same, like on a trip than you will definitley achieve a fuel saving as the engine will be running in a more efficient manner.
Your engine will be running more fuel pressure and a mapped fuel curve as well; this will generate more turbo boost.
More boost and fuel pressure will generate a longer burn in the power stroke and so generate more power and Torque at a set throttle opening, which will decrease fuel usage. It’s a bit technical but in short, each power stroke makes more power as there is more fuel pressure (Not more Fuel) and more boosts.
More boost and fuel pressure will generate a longer burn in the power stroke and so generate more power and Torque at a set throttle opening, which will decrease fuel usage. It’s a bit technical but in short, each power stroke makes more power as there is more fuel pressure (Not more Fuel) and more boosts.