The ModuleMap uses European race technology to access the full potential of a vehicle.

The ModuleMap is an ultra fast and powerful ECU programming tool that allows the factory settings of a vehicle to be calibrated and optimised.

The adjustable settings of Torqit’s ModuleMap are based on the factory parameters of the vehicle and then enhanced to suit each vehicle platform. The increase in power and torque is instantly noticed, assisting anyone towing a caravan, boat or trailer.

The versatile device allows the user to store three map tunes. Also included is the standard tune of the vehicle so that it can be returned to stock or optimized for increased performance at any time. The power is in your hands.

ModuleMap allows you to store three map tunes


Designed for improved everyday driving


Highest performance output that is ideal for towing heavy loads


Returns the vehicle to stock performance

Do It From Home

Vehicle tuning software with a simple setup

ModuleMap allows your vehicle to be remapped without taking it to a store.

This easy-to-use unit can be fitted by any individual with a computer or laptop with a USB port. It is live tuned by qualified vehicle software technicians with over 40 years experience in the EFI performance tuning industry. This unique feature allows the ModuleMap to be customized to aftermarket modifications such as exhaust, tyres, snorkel and much more. The vehicle tuning software used has the capabilities to cause peak power to come on earlier or later. After tuning your vehicle with a Torqit ModuleMap, you can expect a significant increase in power, torque and overall performance.

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Battery charger included

Also included in the ModuleMap package is a complete trickle battery charger.

This provides automatic voltage stabilisation and current limit charging. When using the ModuleMap on your vehicle, it is important that your Torqit charger is connected. The Torqit charger can provide stable 12 volt power and is ideal for charging caravans, boats and Jetskis.

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ECU remapping vs. ModuleMap

In principle, a remap and ModuleMap offer a very similar solution. Both alter the parameters within the ECU to optimise the vehicle’s performance. However, there are also significant differences between them.

‘Cowboy Tuners’

This term is often talked about in the remapping industry. What it refers to are workshops that offer a remap but push the limits on every parameter, raising the risk of negatively impacting the vehicle. The ModuleMap is live tuned by highly qualified vehicle software technicians that ensure the software provided will give you a safe and reliable increase in performance.

At-Home Installation

Unlike a remap, the ModuleMap can be completed in the comfort of your home (as long as you have a laptop or computer) in under 30 minutes. That means that you don’t have to be left without your vehicle for a day or more. To install the unit, simply plug the ModuleMap into your vehicles OBDII port, and follow all on-screen prompts.  The ModuleMap will prompt you through every stage of the reading and writing stages to successfully remap your vehicle.

Multiple Tunes

With a ModuleMap unit, a user has three options to choose from. This means you have greater flexibility with how you use your vehicle. Every ModuleMap comes with 3 files; Standard which is a copy of your vehicles’ original ECU. You also have the choice of two increased performance settings. Cruise, which is ideal for everyday driving and  Sport, that can be used for extra power and torque when towing. With a remap, only one tune is provided.

Return to Standard

Unlike a remap, the ModuleMap can be removed, adjusted or simply turned off. A remap is a permanent install, there is no way to return your vehicle back to standard. The ModuleMap gives you the ability to return your vehicle to standard at any time you like.

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