Frequently asked questions

Will a Torqit product void my warranty?

In most cases, no it will not void your warranty. A Pedal Torq, Pedal Torq Plus, Power Module and Exhaust won’t affect your manufacturer’s warranty. The ModuleMap leaves a mark on your ECU, for this reason here, it can affect your manufacturer’s warranty.

Pedal Torq / Pedal Torq Plus

What do the different settings on the Pedal Torq do?

The different programs adjust how aggressively the engine responds to throttle application. The green program on both the Pedal Torq and Pedal Torq Plus provides the mildest increase in response; whereas the red program offers the biggest increase in response. All Programs are designed to almost completely eliminate the lag experienced in modern “fly by wire” accelerator systems.

What do the + and – buttons on the Pedal Torq do?

The + (plus) and – (minus) buttons make small incremental adjustments to the  aggressiveness of each program. For example Sport (red program light) and 1 Green light (Plus 1) means that the Sport program is activated with 1 step up in aggressiveness. 

Will this affect my fuel economy?

A standard accelerator will have lag, and most people tend to push down harder on their accelerator to encourage their vehicle to respond quicker. By putting more pressure on your foot pedal, you will use more fuel. By removing throttle lag, a person does not need to press harder on their accelerator to get a response. For this reason only, many people see a decrease in fuel consumption. 

Does a Pedal Torq do the same thing as me putting my foot down harder?

Pressing your foot down harder, does not remove accelerator lag. The response from your accelerator comes from a sensor that sends a signal to the engine, which then responds. A Pedal Torq unit intercepts this signal; it is shortened to improve the response time. This allows you to achieve wide open throttle and access the engines full potential.  

Should I Purchase a Pedal Torq or a Pedal Torq Plus?

If you take your vehicle off road, and are often driving 4WD tracks or climbing rocks, we recommend the Pedal Torq as you will have great ability to control your accelerator. The Pedal Torq also has the option to increase the lag which will help with extra traction when off roading.

A Pedal Torq Plus is ideal for a person that mainly drives on road or wants a set and forget unit. The Pedal Torq Plus will give you the ultimate response no matter what terrain you are driving on or in. WIth the Pedal Torq Plus, you do not need to place anything on your dash as everything is controlled via the Torqit Connect app on a smartphone.

Power Module

Where does the Power Module plug into an engine?

The Power Module plugs into the ‘Common-Rail Fuel Pressure Sensor”. This is located on one end of the fuel rail that feeds your fuel injectors. It is very easy to locate; on almost all diesel engines, it is commonly found at the very top, just to the side of or directly underneath the engine cover. Please check your fitting instructions for the exact location on your vehicle.

How does this product create more engine output?

The ECU that runs an engine in any vehicle has the ability to increase and decrease things such as fuel and turbo boost pressure. This reason here is why your car does not stall in cold weather. By measuring the scope of this extra margin of fuel/boost pressure, we can request the ECU to apply this ‘reserve’ when we want, and set how much is applied and where it is applied throughout the rev range.

Will the Power Module negatively affect my fuel economy?

It should not, provided the fuel system of your car is in good condition. By increasing engine output, you are in turn increasing engine efficiency. A simple explanation of the dynamic is that the transmission/gearbox of the vehicle will now be able to perform tasks in higher gears/speeds than before due to the increased output. By doing jobs in 5th gear that were previously performed in 4th gear, your car is now operating more efficiently. Although higher outputs have been achieved, fuel use should not increase, if anything it can potentially also improve.

It is also important to note that fuel pressure modules can also be adjusted so that they are actually robbing the vehicle of pressure, thus saving fuel overall. This method will not increase engine output but will save fuel.

Is the Power Module Waterproof?

All Torqit modules are robust and have a waterproof sleeve, however we do not claim anything to be 100% waterproof. A Torqit Power Module will endure most conditions you may put your vehicle through.

After completing several water crossings we advise that you inspect the module and ensure there are no leaks. Also it is best to remove the module when you are washing your engine/engine bay to prevent any possible water damage.

After installing a Torqit Power Module the engine light has come on, what do I do?

The most common reason for the engine light to come on after installing a module is failure to allow the vehicles’ CPU to fully shut down. It is important to follow the fitting instructions carefully and ensure that the vehicle has completely switched off. This usually takes about 4-5 minutes after the key is removed from the ignition and the doors are locked.

The reason a light has appeared is that the ECU has detected a circuit has been broken and it considers this as a fault and will illuminate the engine fault lamp. This will commonly go out after 30 minutes of driving. If the light stays on please contact Torqit technical support on 02 4017 1746 for further assistance.

Can a Torqit Power Module damage my engine?

No, Torqit modules always operate inside standard factory parameters. The Torqit module is installed downstream of the engine’s CPU, this leaves all factory error detection and operational safety systems intact. Torqit modules cannot harm the vehicles ECU.

Is it possible to detect the Power Module after it has been removed?

No, after you remove the Torqit Power Module it is not possible to tell that there was one on the vehicle. Different from the normal Chip tuning where the original vehicle software is manipulated (OBD-Tuning) the Power Module is a residue-free upgrade.


How many modes does the ModuleMap have?

The ModuleMap has two enhanced modes and also standard mode. In total, there are three different tunes that you can access using a ModuleMap.

The tunes are;

  • Cruise – this is ideal for improved everyday driving
  • Sport – this mode should be used when towing heavy loads
  • Standard – returns the vehicle to stock performance

How long does it take to receive my new tunes after sending them to the software technicians?

Depending on what time you send the reading of your vehicle to a Torqit qualified software technicians will dictate when you receive the new file back.

We aim to deliver on the below time frames:

  • Received between 12am – 12pm, same day delivery
  • Received between 12pm – 12am, next day delivery

Can I install the ModuleMap myself or do I have to go to a workshop?

Yes, you can install the ModuleMap yourself. You will need access to a laptop or computer with a USB port and an Internet connection. Alternatively, you can organise a Torqit authorised stockist to install it on your vehicle for you.

Do I have to access the Torqit portal to change the tune on my vehicle?

No, you do not have to access the Torqit portal to change the tune on your vehicle. When you first upload the new performance tunes to your ModuleMap device, you have the option to upload one tune or all tunes. If you upload all tunes, they will be stored on your ModuleMap and can be changed as you desire.

Can I change the ModuleMap tune whilst driving?

No, you cannot change the ModuleMap tune whilst driving. To re-tune your vehicle, you must follow all on screen prompts from the ModuleMap, this involves turning on your vehicle and turning off your vehicle several times. Also, it is incredibly important that you connect your Torqit battery charger during the process of changing tunes.

Can I use the ModuleMap on a different vehicle? For example, if I upgrade my vehicle.

No, the ModuleMap VIN locks itself to one vehicle. Once the ModuleMap is installed on a vehicle it will always be locked to that vehicle. If you sell or upgrade your vehicle, the ModuleMap should stay with the vehicle so the new owner can alter the tune if they like.

What are the risks of ModuleMap?

We have addressed all potential problems that could arise when using the ModuleMap to re-tune your vehicle. We have provided very clear and precise fitting instructions that should be followed exactly. It is also very important to connect your battery stabiliser to the vehicle anytime the ModuleMap is being used. If you do not use the battery stabiliser on your vehicle when using the ModuleMap, you run the risk of wiping your entire ECU. This can be recovered but will take a few days to do so.

What happens if my vehicles' software is updated during a service?

In some instances, when your vehicle goes in for a service they will perform a software update. If your vehicles ECU is updated by a dealership this may cause your ModuleMap file to no longer work on the vehicle. To avoid this you can advise the dealership not to perform a software update to your ECU. If your ECU file is modified, we will need to reset your ModuleMap device and start from scratch again. Please note, this process will incur an additional charge. Please speak to our customer service team before deciding to update your vehicles ECU.

Can the ModuleMap be used on a vehicle that has had its DPF removed?

If a vehicle has had the DPF removed, the ModuleMap can not be used to remap the vehicle. We can, however, offer the Power Module as an alternative.

What is included in the ModuleMap box?

The ModuleMap is packaged with the following;

  • ModuleMap
  • Battery stabiliser
  • 1x OBDII plug
  • 1x USB to ModuleMap plug
  • 1x USB loaded with the Torqit Portal, fitting instructions, custom vehicle tuning sheet
  • Torqit Sticker
  • Warranty card

Performance Exhaust

Does a Performance Exhaust increase the performance of a vehicle?

Yes, a Torqit Performance Exhaust will increase the power, torque and fuel efficiency of any vehicle it is fitted to. Pre DPF vehicles will see a larger gain in power and torque than a vehicle fitted with a DPF. All known power figures are quoted on the individual exhaust system.

I have aftermarket accessories, will a Torqit exhaust still fit my vehicle?

In most cases, a torqit exhaust will fit around your aftermarket accessories. Torqit has paired up with many companies within the 4WD industry to ensure your enhanced 4WD can also have an improved performance exhaust. If you are unsure if a Torqit exhaust will fit with the aftermarket accessories on your vehicle, please contact our head office to discuss – 02 4017 1746.

Is it illegal to remove a DPF?

Yes, it is illegal to remove a DPF from a vehicle. It will void your insurance and will also make your vehicle un-road worthy.  If you are found to have a DPF delete, you may be out of pocket thousands of dollars in fines and repair bills.

Can a DPF back exhaust increase power and provide a note?

Yes, a Torqit DPF back performance exhaust will provide real power gains and a deep note. The power gains of each vehicle vary. You should review power figures on the specific exhaust product page for your vehicle. You can find this by navigating to the Vehicle Search on the Home Page

Do DPF deletes provide better gains?

There has been some testing around whether a DPF delete will provide a DPF vehicle with increased performance. The test has shown, little to no real increase in performance. Please note this is a generalist comment and should not be treated as sole fact. Each vehicle is different and may experience another outcome.

What size is the oxygen sensor thread?

  • The outside bung: M18 1.5mm thread
  • The inside bung: 1/4 BSP non tapered or known as a straight thread

If your thread size is 1/4NPT (straight or tapered), you can use a small amount of sealant and tighten gently. We suggest finger tightening over using a spanner.

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