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Nissan Y62 Patrol

Our Nissan Patrol Y62 exhaust is manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel. It is a twin 3″ into a single 3.5″ exhaust system that runs from the headers back. We do have the option of replacement catalytic converters available. These do not come standard with the system. This is the exhaust note you can expect from a Series 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Y62 Patrol.

200 Series with DPF

The Twin 3” into a single 4” exit is one of our most popular and sought after exhaust systems. This exhaust is manufactured from premium thick stainless steel. It gives any 200 Series with a DPF the deep V8 note that you have been searching for. The thickness of the steel means that even for the extreme off roader, your exhaust will stay intact.

79 Series with DPF

Our 3.5” DPF 79 Series exhaust runs from the back of the DPF keeping things legal. Even with the DPF in place, we can extract power and give your vehicle that deep V8 note that cruisers are known for. If you are looking at the twin exit 3.5” exhaust for a 79 series, you can expect a similar note to this.

79 Series without DPF

This Performance Exhaust is suited to 79 Series manufactured between 2007 – 2016. Our exhaust connects to the back of the turbo. With this exhaust system, you have blue titanium dump pipes to reduce heat and improve your exhaust flow. All our exhaust systems have high flow componentry which means you get more power and sound!


78 Series with DPF

The design of this system for the 78 Series Troop Carrier helps the vehicle to breathe better by improving the flow of gasses. This has the on flow effect of reducing exhaust gas temperatures (EGT). The 3.5” exhaust creates a deep note and slightly improves the performance of the vehicle. The exhaust bolts onto the back of the DPF keeping your manufacturer’s warranty intact.

Ram 1500

We have developed a premium performance exhaust for a Dodge Ram 1500. The exhaust is a Twin 3″ into a dual 5” exit exhaust, with real grunt. The exhaust system is manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel that is fully mandrel bent. This exhaust system maintains the same professional aesthetics of the Ram. The high quality steel used in this exhaust system produces a deep note and guarantees extreme strength, even in the toughest terrain.

Ram 1500

This exhaust follows the same path of the factory system. It is a twin 3″ system that can begin from either the headers or the catalytic converter, then trails into twin exit outlets. This exhaust has been designed to maximise the noise output while adding an alternate look with the unique tail pipes. This system was designed specifically for the Patriot Campers Ram 1500.

Ford Ranger without DPF

Our 3” Performance Exhaust for the Ford Ranger has two componetry options which can alter the note. When purchasing, you have the choice of a resonator or a muffler option. This exhaust system has been changed to highlight the turbo spool you can hear. We also have an exhaust which provides a nice, deep exhaust note without spool.

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