Pedal Torq Plus

The new Pedal Torq Plus uses the latest generation technology permitting drivers to access the engines full potential by reducing the signal between the vehicles computer and accelerator.

The module is paired with a smartphone app which acts as the controller on the users device. The Bluetooth automation allows for instant updates, ensuring the most recent technology is always fitted to your vehicle. The completely wireless control unit has 3 modes that are perfect for off road and on road terrain. The technology and concept is Australian designed, to ensure the highest quality product the pedal torq plus was manufactured in Germany. This new simple design can be fitted to both diesel and petrol vehicle in less than 60 seconds, it utilises all factory plugs so there is no cutting or rewiring is necessary.


How it works

When pressure is applied to the accelerator pedal it is measured by a sensor, the adjusted signal is sent to the vehicles ECU which then opens the throttle. The Pedal Torq Plus sits between the sensor and the ECU, intercepting the signal and alternating it   to shorten and improve the response time. The pedal torq plus reduces the amount of pedal pressure required to achieve ‘wide open throttle’ allowing the driver to access the engines full potential.

The app on a user’s smartphone becomes the controller for the pedal torq plus module.

Key features

  • Improves throttle response timing
  • Vehicle specific software for the ultimate enhanced driving experience
  • Utilises all factory plugs – no cutting or rewiring required
  • Complete wireless unit
  • Latest generation technology
  • Suitable for diesel & petrol vehicles
  • Designed in Australia, manufactured in Germany
  • Installed in 60 seconds
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Unrivalled 5 year product warranty